Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Have Hair!

WE HAVE HAIR!!! I have been dying to stick an actual hair chip in this child's hair!!! Although this is one exciting post about having hair, we still cannot do such a thing... We are still headbanding it, but we are getting oh so close! And not to mention..this pictures are absolutely adorable! 
Ok, Mom. That is enough.
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Walker and A One Year Old

We've got a walker!!! We get a good distance across the living room floor till she realizes...hey, crawling is WAY faster!!
In addition to the new way of getting around, we have acquired an obsession with forks! Every night at dinner I would end my meal forkless (lasted a whole two days before I bought her the little kiddo plastic ones, these here)
Our sleep schedule has been solid for the last few months, outside of the few nights with a couple hiccups, it's just Stella and her pacis all night long!
In my 30 minute effort to get a good picture to send to Stella's BFF the morning of his First Birthday, I finally gave up and said , "this'll do". Which they are still cute so I'm not horribly disappointed.
Later that day we attended his Mustache Bash! And yes, she was dressed to the theme, and yes...I made it!
Stella and the Birthday Boy Jameson!
We had such a great weekend celebrating Jameson's Birthday. The party was adorable and so were the babes! Way to go mamma (Keli, my BFF) you made it through the first year!! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Long Time No blog

Since we've had you tuned in last, we've done a few thing...
Now this ones no surprise, we went to the park. We always go to the park.
We had out first night away from Stella in Tahoe for a wedding....very quick trip
Started a DIY project

Helped Dad in the backyard 

Started redecorating Stella's bathroom

We added a few new touches to my bedroom

Scored a few of these super cool tables to place around outside

Took a few of the cutest pictures I have ever seen in my life 

Sprouted a few more teeth

Drove a $125,000 car

Well, just while we waited for our actual car at the dealer...longest car shopping day...EVER.
Did some more helping Dad in the backward, it's almost done!

And thought it was just soo funny to make silly faces while we ate breakfast!

Kitty sippy