Monday, November 11, 2013

The WEEKend

Lets start off with THE CUTEST little glitter bows! They are on Brickyard Buffalo for 2 more days!! Only $4!!!!!! SOLD! This is one that we got from her for Halloween,  clipped to an elastic headband! hard to see the glitter in the picture because its so dark. Glitter bows in 5 different colors! 
Check out her Etsy shop to SAVE on multiple orders and to find more glitter bows, felt bows and flower headbands!!
Love all sara ellie bows

We had a pretty fun WEEKend that brought us some pretty cute photos, so I figured I'd better share them before the next WEEKend two days!
We visited Cover's Apple Ranch in Tuolumne. Kind of like Apple Hill, but just one location. not multiple orchards! And a heck of a lot closer to where we live!! 
Stellas current obsession is Old McDonald. She walks around saying EIEIEIEI! Loves watching any little video with the song and animals, and my Mom actually found a toy that sings the song!
The Apple Ranch had a small section with animals, be still my heart, this photo captures her excitement when she seen the real live EIEI's.
She love love loves to be scared, and took this mini hay maze witch was pitch black inside, this was with the flash! like a champ with Daddy and Auntie Genna!
We took a train ride around the whole outdoor part, she loved!
 Plenty of cute setup spots to take some family pics at. Might I add, I love her hiked up leg in this.
 Yes, even the kitty got an EIEIEI serenade. 
 The next day we ran a couple errands and relaxed. Super relaxing, cant you tell.
Not our WEEKend as a family, but Stell and I have days where its just the two of us, so today we had a play date! Love days with these three little ones together!
 And two boys!! She gets more dirty then EVER when we hang with them...and she gets to play with boy stuff!!! ;) She has so much fun, I have 99 mini heart attacks watching her try to keep up with two boys...Man oh man, the different lives a baby boy and baby girl live ;)

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Halloween WEEKend

Finally! I was able to give Stella this goodie basket I'v been hoarding for the past week!
All I have to say is I am SO excited for Christmas after watching her rip this goodie basket apart!
She lugged it around everywhere.
And would scream at it every now and then.
My Halloween Kitty!!
She did a really good job keeping her costume on, even the hoodie. She loved looking at herself in the morror. And she even graced me with a semi good picture, well without her hand in her mouth or her stiff arming my neck.
::I'm a {mean} old witch with a hat, and I fly on a broom with my Cat! ::

Ending on a good note, I'm kicking Christmas' butt this year, just about done with Stella!! {hey, if your sister was have to shop before the things come out at normal Christmas shopping time, or you will take everything you bought back!}
Happy Weekend!