Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh What Fun, Party Planning Has Begun!

Oh what fun, our Stella Nicole is turning ONE!!!! I cannot believe we are just shy of four weeks away from this little chic turning one years old. The party planning is in full effect and I have already accomplished quite a few things!! Heres a little sneak peek of whats to come, can you guess the theme? And no, I am not a character person.
We are keeping it summery and cute! Pinks and Orange. 
I cant wait to use these little guys, don't know where, but don't care!! They are so cute!
cupcake papers, paper cups, candles, puffs and yarn; hobby lobby, sprinkles, heart toppers

I......Yes, I made my own fabric banner. I bought different colored twin sheets, tore the fabric and tied it around rope! I still have some cleaning up to do as in the super long hot pink hanging down.  And it is not going to hang from the bannister on the landing of my stairs, I'm going to use it outside on the fence!....way cute! I am making a shorter one to hang from the mantle in the living room too! Way easy, just very time consuming!
Sneak peek of my stells birthday outfit! Thanks for line link Jessica Garvin

I cant but so totally can wait for her birthday party! It's Going to be so much fun!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Daddy Day!

Since my husband is currently working full time as an EMT and in Paramedic school full time...need I say more? We he has no time off. We are so super happy to say we will have Wednesdays and Thursdays together for three weeks!!! Three, stop it..I'm too spoiled. ;)

We took advantage of our first day off together and took a trip in to SF. We went to Stow Lake at Golden Gate Park. Cutest place..ever! There were peddle boats, canoes, picnic areas, food, birds...oh a ton of birds! Geese and ducks all over in the water.
The most uncomfortable yet cutest looking thing I've ever seen, her life vest. She was all eyes when we took a peddle boat out. She would point at the ducks swimming around and say "sat" (what's that)
It was such a fun day, and I am very thankful to have finally gotten in some much overdue family time!

And of course, Belle and Stuffy came along,her best toys, can't you tell? She's even holding their hands.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yummy Deliciousness

Our new found obsession of the moment is delicious strawberries with whipped cream! It's so yummy and refreshing and cool on a hot day!
Stella agreed, after she decided this stuff was ok after watching it squirt out of a can (like shaving cream we tried to get her to be amazed by in the bath tub......terrified) Once she took a taste, all was forgotten she ate every single drop! Next try, blueberries! Something we already love, I imagine will send them over the moon with goodness seeing how everything is amaz with whipped cream on it!
Side note. I found this gem at wal-mart the other day. $4! Ya so what, I have a green frog decorating my bathroom, but seeing miss whipped cream sticky fingers' hand below, someone is obsessed with the faucet, the drain and the overflow thingy magigger under the frog. 
Happy yummy whipped cream buying and eating weekend!

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth of July blues

SO not as planned, but Stell was so sick for her first Fourth of July. Three day (and counting) repeat of sleeping sleepy sickie Stelly. We ended up taking her to the Doctor today and the poor sweet baby girl has a virus that has caused her to get blisters on the back of her tong and throat. She will pretty much only take a bottle. No food unless its a banana. And a bath or swimming pool about every other second to help her over 100' temperature.
So many cool wash cloths on her body because she is so so so hot
And strict diaper only lounging 
So much for the festive breakfast, I'm lucky she even ate the nanners.
Sick or not, she still had a festive suit and headband! Although she wasn't feeling good, she still enjoyed the water!
And back to the washcloths we went.
Poor girl, I owe her one heck of a Fourth next year ;)