Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Months!

The day before Stella's 10 months..It was Gammie's birthday! Yes, this is pretty much the best picture I got before I gave up...Still cute right?`
We had a fun festive birthday dinner at my house, just` with our family.
My Mom has been working on "blow out the candles" with Stella for weeks so she will hopefully be able to do it on her birthday!! Gammies birthday, perfect practice!!!
Now, These are the sweetest pictures I have ever seen, taken last night while we were outside lounging in the hammock listening to Mickey Mouse radio on Pandora. 

Happy 10 months you sweet sweet little baby girl, I love you SO much!

FYI, I was saying "Chop Suey " and it was making her laugh...Oddly enough??

Ok, So she is 10 months now...Totally not crazy to start the Birthday planning festivities!!! Sneak peek, Stella girls birthday party is going to be light pink, hot pink and orange!!!
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Someone's Getting A Little 'Tude

In the attempt of my every day life trying to make this one laugh I did something that well, apparently disgusted her...

Oh right Stella, like this mess you made with your raspberries did disgust me....ok your right, it didn't. It was actually really cute!

And I have to share the cutest lunch ever...Stella's first ham sandwich. A half slice of ham and one piece of whole wheat bread, crusts removed! Cut into Stella sizes bites...she smashed it all!

Monday, June 17, 2013

First Fathers Day!

What an amazing man. This is Zachs frist picture as a Dad. 
Growing up VERY lucky with an AMAZING Dad, the bar was set pretty high against anyone and anything we look for in our lives. My Dad is the best man Im positive I will ever meet. If I sat here and tried to write what he means to me, Im not quite sure if I would come up with the right words to describe him, and if I could...It would be WAY to long to write on a blog.  If you are lucky enough to know my Dad...You may possibly know a fraction of the way I feel for him, but my two siblings are really the only ones who can understand! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!
Back to the new Daddy..Remember that bar I was talking about?? I dont know how I did it, but I have found one of the few men that can make MY Dad proud.  WOW, is all I have to say.  My husband is such a great man. He would do anything for us, along with all of your hubbys and daddys Im sure, but they each deserve their own recognition.
Fatheres Day brunch was hosted my myself. Bummer of a day  for the Hub...He woke up at 3:30 to go to work:( BUT HE GOT OFF EARLY!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!! He usually works 4:30-4:30 and he got off at 1:30, YaHoo!!!! So he did miss brunch, but at least he was able to join in the rest of the festivities...we saved him a plate:)
(Thank you Dad and Brother) For helping me pull off my Fathers Day gift! A nice relaxing area in the backward for Zach! again, thank you Jesica Garvin for GREAT ideas!
We hung out in the backyard while we waited for Zach to get home from work so he would come out and see his surprise!
Happy Fathers DAY!...and nice hat hair!
Stella took a dip in the pool with her Dad and some of her cousins.
You are loved, more then you will ever know.
Hope every Dad out there had a great one!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Ok, so not only is it bad enough that my baby is standing on the dishwasher door....But she's only in a diaper. Now thats trashy. At least she has on a diaper? Does that help?  Lets go back a few posts to Bless You, Mothers of Multiples (find it here), to Jameson. Stella's boyfriend. We had a play date and I was absolutely exhausted (for his mom) by the time they left, he was everywhere! Stella can pretty much sit in one spot very content and play, not Jameson! I told Keli, his mom, I will never again think "ok... three hours later" when you finally get to text me back..Because now I know why. Your chasing your little boy around! Anyway, I think Stella has been Jameson'd.  This little girl has napped an hour total ALL DAY, for the past 4 days! And she has been a maniac around this house. She doesn't sit and play in her nice little spot on the rug in the living room like she used to!! Good bye to our semi clean house, and non broken baby is turning toddler.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday Weekend :(

Notice the :(?
This Wednesday weekend was a little different, Zach started his internship for Paramedic school. Very bitter sweet, so happy he has started the last part of Paramedic school, but oh so sad that he now has no days off! 
So, we pretty much hung out around the house most of the 'weekend'.  More spaghetti squash!! Stell loves her some spaghetti squash!
Hey Dad, I mean Stella...Its the dinner table, not your bed!  My Dad can fall asleep ANYWHERE! In the middle of a conversation I'll look over and think, much did he NOT hear?! Because he's asleep!!! We were both eating our spaghetti squash and next thing I knew she was slouching really far off to the side, then started laying her head on the tray.
It was making me laugh, but I had to get some pictures of it so I was trying not to laugh hard, every time I tried holding a laugh in she would hear me and crack an eye open and see I was laughing, and she would start to crack up! Never lifted her head though!
 And we're out!
It was my Sisters Birthday!!! The big 27!!!!! Some of the fam met after she got off work and went out to dinner. Is she not stunning?!
Now if your silly enough to let someone take a picture of you like this...You kinda deserve it to be posted! I told ya, stunning! 
 Auntie and her Best Friend, Stella girl. Seriously, I do not know what we did before this little Beauty was in our lives!!!
Cheese!! Happy Thursday!! Can anyone else see the dracula tooth coming in before the two front teeth on top?! Makes for an awefuly funny smile.
 Shes finally getting enough hair to get a little bit of bed head! And I love it!!
 And this picture! To die for!! She laid across me and just hung out while I drank my coffee and watched the Today Show.
Dont get too snuggle jealous, it only lasted about 2 minutes!
And since Zach started school...Mom has to pull some Dad duties..Tornado Maverick duty...
In the clean up fashion of Maverick (our dog) shredding one of my outdoor seat cushions- right on, thanks Mavi!, as you can see the cotton in the background, we spent some time outside!  Anyway, Iv only used this pack and play one time on an over night trip to Monterey for Stella to sleep in but today she loved it! She played in it so nice, she stood up and watched me load the garbage bag full of my precious lawn cushion.  And then, bubbles. We stayed outside and watched Mavi chase bubbles around! Bliss....
Hurry up Paramedic School, your family misses you already!