Friday, May 31, 2013

Babies, choking and Paramedic Husbands...Thank God!

After having a pretty rough Monday and Tuesday (Stella was trying to fight off a mini cold and a 100' fever) we start feeling better and then, we choked people! On sunday afternoon we were out to get a few things to BBQ later on that day for Memorial Day and took a swing down the baby isle to see what goods we couldn't live without.....This teal octopus was most defiantly one of them! 
(Its a squeezy bath toy that squirts water out of its mouth)
We get the toy home and it, of course gets lost in the toy basket we have with the 100 other squishy octopus like toys she has down stairs. Wednesday morning it was re discovered! She's sitting on the floor in the middle of all her toys and finds this one..and the little gem that they apparently think is totally ok to stick on the bottom of a children's toy. (I didn't catch and take this sticker off before she found it, probably the worst feeling ever.  Needless to say, all of her toys got quite the inspection after this)
Im up stairs getting dressed and Zach is down stairs with Stella. I can hear her from up stairs and I hear a coughing noise, not thinking anything of it because she makes noises all of the time. Then I hear a pound, pound, pound. I sorta stop in my tracks and listen close to hear whats next. Then I hear stella start to make noises again (regular Stella making noises). So I continue on. Next thing I hear is Zach walking into the room holding Stell with a complete blank stare on his face. What? Whats wrong?! Then he tells me what happened. She had gotten this plastic sticker off of the bottom of her toy and put it in her mouth and tried swallowing it. The noises I heard were her trying to breath and Zach trying to get it out! Thank God this happened when he was home!! As horrible as it is the more and more I think about it, my Husband does this for a living and we have a child and I have never had him show me what to do if something like this were to ever happen. You better believe that each member of the family is going to be trained on what to do in case of an emergency, Myself at the TOP of that list!!!!
Word of advise.... Take a baby first aid class!!!! Or if you know someone who is trained in it, simply have them show you what to do! or AT LEAST read this. (Zach was doing what the illustration is demonstrating)
It was VeRy scary, and Im very thankful Zach was here and he can turn his auto pilot on in situations like this, because I would have FREAKED OUT.....
Happy Baby First Aid learning to everyone!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday Weekend

For the past few months Wednesdays and Thursdays have been the Pinol Family's "weekend".  Zach works Saturday-Tuesday and I work Tuesday, Friday, Saturday. Boo. But it works. So Wednesday and Thursday weekend fun it is for us.
Wednesday morning I made the yummiest easiest breakfast. Fresh fruit, Crescent Rolls and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Chop and mix the fresh fruit with a little bit of cinnamon, lay out the Crescent Rolls, scoop some of your mixture into them, wrap it up, bake it 350' for 10 minutes and YUM, best breakfast ever.  

I even let Stella try some
Then outside we were.
She LOVES the swing! I cannot wait to get her one to hang from a tree in out backyard! And of course I had to put the shopping cart cover inside before I set my most prized possession in it.

Trying to decide what we wanted to do next...
This was the first time I completely let her go all over the grass, not to say she hasn't at grammy and grandpas before...but with me, yes. She liked it? No she hated it...
Ok, she started coming around to it..
Hey Mom, this really isn't that bad...
Ok, get me up, get me up! She refused to put this leg back down...
Back safe on the blanket with our floppy hat, shades and snacks.

Thursday Weekend
Got my Baby, got my Hubby, got the Pup, water, bubbles and a snack, what else could a girl ask for?
Not much...
Back to the park we went, Stell loves it!...In her (moms) favorite hair accessory of course:) 
 She had the whole park and all she wanted was to crawl up her stroller and through the gap behind the front wheel!
So we are still working on that whole "yay, we like the grass" thing.
We tried spaghetti squash for the first time. It was so yummy. 
I cut it in half, gutted the insides and seasoned it with pepper, Italian seasoning and a little bit of garlic salt and a dash of olive oil, then baked it in the over at 350' for a little over 30 minutes. Then I added a few spoon fulls of spaghetti sauce and pulled the insides away from the inner walls. 
tastes way better then it looks, for the record.
Stella enjoyed a few fork fulls onto her tray too, along with some strawberries...
And of course on Sunday (Thursday) Funday, a tasty drink must be in hand, especially with this nice weather we have been having!
Mama (and daddy) plus Mini mason jars..........absolutely  !
I'll leave you with a close up of this beauty, happy 'mid week weekend' all!
striped dress, headband available at target

Memorial Day Fun

Menorial Day; A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
I think majority of the time spent on a holiday like this gets lost in the BBQ, swimming, and boating....Step back, think about it, and give thanks! Then go have your fun!!!
In true Mani + Mini fashion, we matched:)
Memorial Day weekend was spent pretty relaxing, after i got off work on Saturday of course...Well and the Hubs worked Sunday was a good day!! We took Stella out to a Memorial Day festival. They had food, booths, tons and tons of vets, and some pretty cool Police and Military demos. She rocked her pink shades all the way through the festival, loved every minute! 
After the festival we came back home and invited my family over or a BBQ. Yummy food but even better company!
Skinny Margaritas! Made with club soda and just a splash of margarita mix for flavor.
Jars, straws tj max or anywhere on etsy!
Stella very much enjoyed her piece of watermelon. What a messy food for a baby to eat, she was soaked by the time she was done! But so worth this picture!

Remember, give your thanks!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stella Holidays

Stellas First Holiday! We had so much fun taking pictures at the pumpkin patch! Walking around checking out all of the things that we couldn't participate in because Stella was WAYY too small!
She wasn't particularly enthused about trying on the head piece of her costume!
Ok, or about wearing the whole thing in general.
But she looked so cute!! And bunnies are always way cuter when they are asleep!!!
 This is the only picture I have of her!!!??? (fyi...she spit up all over her Thanksgiving outfit before we even left the house...good thing there was a back up!)
Our first Family Christmas Tree!
I found the cutest idea for a gift for my Mom. It only took about 40 minutes to lather her hand in paint, center it, and make sure you could see the definition of fingers and not just one blob. All the hard work we put into it for Mom (me) to drop it and shatter it on the floor in the garage on our way out to Grandmas house. Sorry Granny, your not getting another one! Its the thought that counts anyway! So Im glad i got a picture of it!
Of course we had to string her with lights and snap a million of pictures! They were all SO adorable! She was pretty mesmerized by them.
This one actually made the cut for the Christmas card!
Merry First Christmas 2012 Stella!!
And a Happy New Year!!
 Big Girl stayed up to New York time New Years!!!
Again, with our favorite hair accessory, Stella took pictures to send out in her Valentines.

 onsie, favorite hair accessory at target
Again again with the hair accessory:) Seriously goes with EVERYTHING!!!
Stella got such a kick out of looking at herself in the mirror with these bunny ears on!
And here she is giving me some cold shoulder Mothers Day lovin!
Best Mothers Day gift EVER! My Mom and Sister took Stell to get her pictures taken for me one day when I was at work! I can usually sniff out/ruin a good surprise, so Im pretty surprised I didn't ruin this one, and Im SO happy I didn't!