Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Goodie Basket

So excited for this years Halloween, Stella is old enough to A. Fit into a costume, unlike last year. And B. actually go trick-or-treating {to come home and get her bucket of candy replaced with these goodies I picked up for her.} 

Pretty simple, almost every day stuff...
1. Plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin.
2. It's about time to start brushing those choppers with real toothpaste and a toothbrush, not the toy banana toothbrush anymore!
3. She defiantly needs more colors added to her polish kit.
4. She sucks down puffs like she's never eaten before these days.
5. And I totally gave her the Halloween Mickey movie already...why would I wait till its only good for one day?!
6. Thanks Jameson, she loves Pirate Booty now!
7. And to top it all off, some glow
sticks to walk around with when we take her trick-or-treating!
I got all of these goodies at...it's no secret, Target! 

She's been drinking out of this little guy we got at the pumpkin patch last week!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The WEEKend

Pumpkin patch!! Oh yes! 

Sweets from the Country Store
Exploring with Dad
sweater, headband, blouse; forever 21 last year similer, sunnies

More sweets from the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory Store!

The Pinols

Short. But sweet.

Last Year

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fun Days and Favorite Blogs

To kick off our first SCHOOL FREE Daddy WEEKend, {oh yes! Schools over!!!} Stell and I had a few days of fun-ness to ourselves. Early morning porch leaf stomp? Sure, why not? It makes my kid laugh!
pj pants; old navy, beenie; the children's place
And a little BFF time
"Jameson come on!"
 "Why are you taking so long!"
 Her latest and greatest, she has to fill her mouth with her water and do the whole chipmunk thing as she walks around for a while.  
jeans, sweater; Ruum
We had a mini fashion show of all the new clothes Auntie bough for her at the Mall of America on her business trip 
dress; Ruum, Vest; Ruum, headband
 Then, just like that, she went from cute baby to a toddler....Look at these!!!!!
Still working on that paci problem. Gosh, she's such a hoarder ;)

Hello Mom time. Though I'd share a few of my fave blogs that I love to check on a daily.
My BFF. Mom to Stella's BFF, Jameson. Keep up with Stella and Jameson's social life and her awesome and hilarious sense of humor by reading about Keli at Morrissey Made.

Looking for an LoL read? Here you go, your welcome.  Shes so funny. Check out Jennifer at The Martinez Men.

 Whats for dinner? I don't know yet?!  But ill find it here! Great recipes, and the kid with the cutest bed head ever, eat good and find the cuteness by looking at Megan at Hello Newlywed Life.

 Really? Whose blog fave list is this one not on?? I go here for everything! Love Love Love Jessica at Little Baby Garvin.

 Pretty sure Baby Button is in the top 5 of cutest baby boys in the world. Keep a look out for his cuteness and her awesomeness from Shadia at Baby Button Brown.

Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today We...

Thought this would be a fun posting topic...although this was {yesterday}, lets pretend its what we did today! Yesterdays post was a little higher on the priority list then just sharing what we did! You can find the post here, read it, and buy buy buy these adorable bows to help raise money for an amazing cause!!! 

Started the day off early, running into work for a few clients! Loving keeping my coffee warm on those cold mornings with my coffee cozy!

We had a mini photo shoot in the backyard to show off these bows and post it up on the "Give A Little, Get A Little" post.

It was a little breezy and cloudy out, after the photo shoot and baba and a nap we tossed on a hat and jacket and went back outside. 
leopard clip, billed beanie; local street fair vendor

Every time she is close against something she HAS to lay back and lounge. Even if it's the couch and she cant rest her head, she will bend her neck all the way back and put her arms out and lean against it.

Topped it off with some breakfast for dinner! And one little lady's early 7pm bed time, a cup of hot apple cider, and some Chicago Fire. Yes, Matthew Casey, I will marry you, every Tuesday night at 10 pm!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Give A Little, Get A Little

Exciting news! Saraellie bows has teamed up with BootUpGaming to raise money for CHOC hospital! Now through November 2nd, saraellie bows will be donating 60% of all bow sales to this worthy cause.
Also if you make a purchase of $10 or more on her site, she will send you a free bow! 
To shop visit www.saraelliebows.com and if you would like to donate directly or find out more information, visit bit.ly/bootuphelps
The charity event is called "Extra Life". Its kind of an amazing cause! BootUpGaming will be doing a LIVE 25 hour game-a-thon to help raise money and for those gamer followers there will be tons of prizes during the 25 hours. 
CHOC is very near and dear to her heart because her brother spent much of his childhood there. And now being a mother herself, she doesn't know what she would do if her child got sick and she couldn't afford treatment for her, as any parent couldn't imagine.
These photos show some of saraellie bows. SO cute, SO adorable, great prices and an even better cause!! 
Visit the side bar of my blog for a link!

Thank you in advance for all your help!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Quick share

Mason jar storage jars! 

This has saved me a ton of space in my refrigerator! My house was built in 88' ie before the cool big bottom freezer refrigerators were invented so when we moved out of our first home, the big refrigerator had to go bye bye. So sad. Now we have an average side by side refrigerator freezer. Enough said, those of you who have one feel my pain. And, hello, this way is way cuter to store your fruit!
By the way, that's one whole entire freshly cut pineapple, one whole large container of blueberries, and in the little, one whole regular sized raspberry, and as you can see strawberries go the fastest, but I'm sure they would need two jars {all minus the small little bit in the front one for my lunch tomorrow} So they really do fit a lot! 

Pinterest has tons of different ideas for mason jars. Another cute one a friend of mine did was a salad, dressing and all! That's next!!  Happy mason jarring!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Want List, Christmas List

Great fall weather always reminds me that Christmas is right around the corner! Holy xxxx! Christmas is right around the corner! Yep. That means your want list, love list and favorite things list are all going to become a reality!

1. It's just about that time, you know, the feet are getting a little scrunched up on the seat, you can tell she's totally over the rear facing. It's big girl car seat time! And look at that thing, who wouldn't want to sit in it!

2. Christmas pajamas, get them now before all the sizes are swooped up! And before your stuck with something you cannot match your little one in!

3. Ugg slipper booties. Yes. Please. Mommy size too?

4. I can only imagine the days of HAVING to bring stuff with us are approaching? "Yes, go ahead, shove it in your backpack. Lets go!"

5. Christmas classics, need them. ASAP. She will totally be old enough to semi sit and watch a part of the Christmas cartoonies I watched when I was little!!

6. Clothes clothes and more clothes. It's too cute to not need on your Christmas I want list.

7. A saggy beret beanie. What toddler would not look adorable in one of these!

Want it, buy it! It's almost Christmas! AH!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The WEEKend

We kicked off our "midweek weekend" with a play date with Mr. Jameson! Hung out at their house for a few hours then took a trip to target. Oh and a trip it was! It was both their first times riding in the ...what do you call them? Kiddy cart?? Anyway, either way...stuffed the cart cover in that thing!  

I really branched out here! I mainly cook with gorund turkey or chicken. Hardly EVER with anything else, when it happens, Zach cooks it..and he's not home whole a heck of a lot these days. I cooked ribs people...In the oven. And Boiled corn on the cob, salad and these beans, Zachs favorite. 
Credit given where credit is due in this house, ZACH DELIVERED A BABY AT WORK!!!!!
Crazy, right? Some people go their whole career without this ever happening to them. So incredibly proud of him!!! 
So yes, I'm saying I didnt cook chicken for a special dinner for him when he got home!:)
And not every night comes with a dessert boo 
Hot carmel fondue!
 Continuing our and when I say our I mean Stella and myself WEEKend, I finally purchased apple cider Keurigs!
 dont be a scaredy cat cup; home goods

And since I did such a dapper job with the dishes....
Yeah, somehow melted this guy in the dishwasher. What a bummer this thing was so cute! We we had to get Stella something else to drink out of for Halloween...Now she wont put it down.
ghost cup; target
ghost snack bowl with lid; target, hug me one piece; carters 

And this is what I like to call some static!! And a gap!