Monday, September 23, 2013

My Favorite House Spots

This past March we moved into our new home.  And as we all know they are ALWAYS a work in progress and NEVER done! But it sure is fun shopping, collecting and decorating them, isn't it? I picked out a few of my favorite places throughout the house to share with you.

The Kitchen
Cabinet space, Cabinet space and more cabinet space! There is so much of it some are empty!

A favorite within a favorite, the Keuring area

The Fireplace/Mantle
Even with the two cluster baskets of toys adding to the decor... I love having a fire (fake or not) in the fireplace and a mantle to decorate!
toy baskets: tj maxx, white storage box, brick fitter carpet bumper, homemade, thanks dad!
give thanks sign: home goods

Stellas Play Room
This is the area where a formal dining yeah right table should go.  Its the perfect size to put stuff like this adorable teepee and kiddy table in. This room, although a fave, is defiantly a work in progress.
felt banner: home made felt sheets cut into triangles, left over twine from teepee and hot glue!
teepee: homemade; directions here
aztec mini stool seat: home goods

My what I like to call Pinterest wall
This is the wall lining one side of the upper half of the stairs

Stellas Bathroom
These cutie little owls and washcloths HAD to make my list!
owls: tj maxx white dishes: ikea

My Room
A few of these rustic pieces sum up the decor for my room. Outside of the headbuard my Dad made, found here, these are a room fave.

The rocking chair corner
This is in Stellas room.  Its so sweet, and rarely used these days, kinda hard to sit and rock a toddler :(

pillow, blanket, clock, ottoman: home goods, chair
And leaving you with a bit of cuteness of course. Someone is learning how to play peek-a-boo!

Friday, September 13, 2013

What's More Fun Then Fall?

Really, though? Whats better then fall?

I'm very excited for the weather to start changing and bust out all my cute boots that have been collecting dust! 
I seen this little guy and thought it was so fun and should most defiantly be printed or recreated in your own way and achieved this fall!
My top three:
1. Going to the pumpkin patch {{with my family}}
2. Trick-or-Treat {{for the first time as the parent not the kid!}}
3. Drink fancy coffee drinks {{anywhere and everywhere, I love something hot to drink on cold days!}} 5!
4. Have a photo shoot in a leaf pile {{of my Stella girl of course!}}
5. Decorate (carve/paint) a pumpkin {{can't wait to smother paint all over Stella's hands and let her decorate a pumpkin!}}

Bringing out all of my fall clothing better be able to happen soon or I'm going to wear it anyway! And be one hot sad girl in a long sleeve and pair of boots in 90' weather! But I can't wait to wear this cutie I picked up the other day, or stick Stells little baby foot in these guys!!!

Think fall and maybe it'll happen ;)
I'll leave you with something a little blurry, but oh so sweet .

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Even though majority of the days have been pretty hot, we have been doing alot outside. If you get out early enough the weather is so perfect and cool and beautiful, then you can come inside and close up all the windows and be an air conditioned hermit the rest of the day!

1. This sand and water table plays a strict role of a water table. No sand. By the time we are done playing in it, I'm soaked, she's soaked, and there is hardly any water left. That would most defiantly make it a mud and water we do just fine with water.

2. The Raido Flyer Wagon is so adorable! It is so easy to move around and she LOVES it. You don't even have to go on an actual walk to make this girl happy, she loves it just as much sitting in it in the backyard! And the storage pouch makes is so easy to take stuff on a walk to the park! Hmm, I wonder if I can teach our dog to ride in it too? :) (ya, right)

3. Tommee Tippee paci. Oh do I have a paci baby. Every nap/bed time she's laid in her crib paci in mouth, one in each hand and one back up stashed in the corner just in case (oh what a monster I have clearly created)...We love these so much because they come in a variety of sizes and the plastic rim around the outside is only an outline, it's not solid so when there's a little sleepy drool action it doesn't get trapped in between her skin and the plastic.

4. Fubbles bubble machine. Who likes this more, my kid or my dog? I honestly do not have the answer for this one. It's so great! Batteries NOT included...FYI.

5. This playground style infant swing would have to take the cake. It's so sweet watching her giggle because its making her tummy do summer salts, not to mention its a little less of an eye sore then the big chunky plastic ones! I actually think its really cute!! It comes in a variety of colors, we do have the green one, I think it blends in a little better then the cuteness of a hot pink one!

Time for Mamas!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. I seriously hope you knew you could buy the Starbucks flavored syrups?! All of them have been so yummy with Hazelnut running in first place, and vanilla spice, although still good, coming in last! Cinnamon Dolce is also a favorite, and no, you cannot buy pumpkin spice in store :/ You can find it online here. But they do have pumpkin spiced Starbucks coffee grounds you can brew at home! You can also purchase these at the Starbucks in your local Target AND you can use your red card and get 5% off:) One pump, or four if your like my husband, and a splash of cream...good morning.

2. Old Navy girls section work out pants. Stock up, Yes please! A. They are way cheaper being little girls. B. who really gets dresses on their days off anyway. And C. Super comfy! So what they are an XL, I'm 25 wearing little girls clothes! Ill take it!!

3. Family circle magazine. Especially this months!! I'm so super excited for the pumpkin patch, Dell' Osso Farms near my house to open so we can get pumpkins and PAINT, not carve them.. This will be so much more appropriate for the 'right now' because Stella can slap away at a pumpkin with little painted hands! LOVE IT! This magazine is super cute for some crafty holiday ideas and some yummy recipes. You can also sign up right now for a $5 subscription...your welcome.

4. Pumpkin Spice Glade air fresher. Enough said. Seriously.

5. My ClariSonic. This thing is amazing! Talk about feeling like you just got a facial. It's the perfect pressure of an exfoliant for people who get occasional breakouts but like a mild exfoliation every now and then, or ever time you take a shower. LOVE THIS! Its most defiantly always in my shower.

Loved sharing my first These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things! Hope you all enjoy this post and maybe get a few ideas of some new things to try! I know I surly do love other people's love lists!

Stella's First Birthday

What?! I have a one year old?! Where has the time gone? 
We had the BEST day yesterday. So many people who share a special role in our lives joined us for Stella's first birthday party! Here's some decor shots.

One of Stell's favorite gifts is her swing (thanks grandma and grandpa).

Oh ya, and the PONEY!  Leave it to Auntie, she will never let her Stella girl down...She got a poney for her first birthday ( well, poney rides, not an actual pet) :)

Stella and Auntie 

Laughing at the poney, she though it was to funny.

She was one mad gift opener! But very confused why 5 seconds after we gave her a cool new toy we ripped it out of her hands and took it away!

She got the cutest most comfy Stella sized chair and she loves it! It fits so well in our living room and she thinks she's such a big girl when she climbs in it  and sits!
This girl can blow out the candles, we have done it countless times and she laughs and smiles and blows air out of her mouth when we say, "Stell...blow out the candlesss!!" But at the party? No. Not a chance.

Happy Birthday (mom and dad you survived your first year!) Stella baby, We love you more then life!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So much Love on the Blog

Happy Anniversary!
Two years have gone by WAY to fast! Previously thinking 9-10-11 was the absolute best day of my life...
It defiantly takes a close back seat to our baby girl Stella's birthday. 

What an amazing feeling it is to love, to be loved, and to know you are wanted, needed and valued. I am such a proud Wife and Mother, and am so very grateful and thankful for my husband and all he does, for how hard he works that allows me to primarily be a stay at home (half part) part time Mom. I admire his work ethic, determination and pride. He's a wonderful Father and an Amazing Husband. 

Boy am I glad I dressed like a fire woman that one Halloween before junior year of high school (2005!)... He liked the costume enough to come over and tell me...haven't stopped being googly eyed over him since.