Friday, June 13, 2014

An Oxymoron; Clean + Toddler

Man, I hate a dirty toddler! 

See where this is going? Why do they love being as dirty as they can possibly get? Clean toddler. Doesn't that sound better? Ok, thats my oxymoron. Clean toddler?! #ChaRight

I hate a sticky, stinky, sweaty, dirty toddler so much Stella will probably have a phobia of wipes when she get older because I'm constantly wiping her hands, feet and face! And ohh man, the nightmares of a no bath night (which is very rare!) I have is a whole different post topic. 

But today we went outside and she got to do whatever she wanted, wherever she wanted. Barefoot! So, of course she wanted to sit, roll, kick, fingernail scrape..ohhh the fingernail scrape, and dig in the dirt!
And I hated (/loved) it so much, I had to add insult to injury and throw an ice cream "eem" in the mix! And cherry topped it with no hair clip to keep the hair out of the eem. 
Oh and I couldn't stop there...we turned on the sprinklers (which she's still not too fond of playing in) so all that dirt turned into mud, and all that chocolate turned into chocolate pudding!
All in all, she loved every second and I loved seeing her having so much fun, and defiantly got a kick out of these pictures.

But, man do I love me a clean baby!!

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