Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

This Monday marked Stella's first swim lesson class!! She is having a blast especially since she gets to swim with her friend (one of my mommy friends kids) Uriah "Riah".  And of course, this big old belly isn't getting in the pool with a bunch of other moms in bikinis this summer, my husband Zach is swimming with her! Although I will admit, it makes me a little jelly since he is making all the Mom friends, and I'm sweating under the tree in the 104' weather! 
(zach, stell, uriah and his mom, rachel)
Is that not one of the cutest pictures you have ever seen? I wonder what they would be talking about if they could fully talk!
Uriah and Stella after their swim class, they love running around this tree (and tripping over their towels and all of these crazy roots!).
My Mom found a towel poncho for Stella to throw on after class and she thinks its the best thing ever, she has to watch it drag behind her like its a cape or a dress, and she calls it Elsa, from Frozen.


And as always, at least once a week I have to meet up with my girl Keli (over at Morrissey Made) so Stella and Jameson can run us ragged and we can chat it up.
She's getting pretty good at climbing.

Every time I look at this picture I cant help but think of those pages in gossip magazines when celebrities are doing completely normal things like walking their dogs, or waiting in line, but the magazines make it sound so weird how they are doing that. 
Heres my candid child star photo 
"They drink juice boxes!!!"
Awaiting the beautiful weekend ahead, hoping its not too hot so we can take this little beauty out to play! 

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  1. Aww how fun!! You should post pregnancy updates!!